[Jandek] hello & my ordering experience

meddle _meddle at cox.net
Fri Mar 4 01:08:36 PST 2005

Hello.  I joined the list recently.  I bought the documentary late last year, 
finally got around to watching it this year, and my interest was piqued 
enough to order the discography.  It took a little over a week from the 
date I sent my check for my box to arrive.  I realized I was 1 disc short 
then came across the order sheet which has this written on it:

0740 Six And Six
In Process To Reissue
Will be Sent 3-4 Weeks

The handwriting seems to match what I've seen elsewhere.  I don't 
know if anyone collects these sort of things or not but if so I can scan it.  
I viewed my cancelled check on-line and, not surprisingly, it's endorsed 
by Sterling R. Smith ...

Let the listening begin ...


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