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Blue Corpse and You Walk Alone are his two most accessible albums. Blue Corpse never struck me as being the dark slab of lonliness that it's made out to be; it actually has a wide range of emotion and mood. It's got some silly songs like "Long Way" and "Down at the Ballpark" and that song where he says "gimme a fork.... and some potato". Then of course there's the devastating "I Passed by the Building" and "Only Lover". For something dark and moody, Ready for the House and Six and Six fit the bill nicely, as does White Box Requiem and the solo parts of One Foot in the North. I'd say the ten best Jandek albums (in no particular order) are:
Interstellar Discussion
Blue Corpse 
You Walk Alone
Chair Beside a Window
Glad to Get Away
Graven Image
Ready for the House
Glasgow Sunday
The Living End
Follow Your Footsteps
brandon horton <tagsartist at adelphia.net> wrote:
Hello All,
I am new here and I was just wondering what would be the best way to buy his music/CDs? Also what are some good ones to start with? I am interested in a dark, moody album... someone mentioned "Blue Corpse"? Also I heard that you can get discounts of his CDs in packs, can anyone give me more info on this? You all seem to be the only source about Jandek that I can find. Thank you in advance. Best From,

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