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Reviewby Jason Ankeny
Satan donned his winter coat on October 17, 2004 when the mysterious Jandek made his first known public appearance at the Glasgow club the Arches—appearing in conjunction with Scotland's Instal Festival, billed simply as a "representative from Corwood Industries" and backed by Richard Youngs on bass and Alex Nielson on drums, Jandek that day crossed the threshold from myth to reality, proving the gaunt, enigmatic image that graced his record covers for over a quarter century was indeed the same figure behind this vast body of strange, powerfully affecting music. For Jandek devotees, it's virtually impossible to separate what Glasgow Sunday is from what it represents—not just a document of his landmark coming-out performance, it's also irrefutable proof of the man's existence, which both complements and complicates all that has come before it. On the one hand, the live Jandek experience is remarkable—the music thrashes and soars like the flying pig it is, sharpening the visceral edge of his best recordings to achieve something vaguely approximating a recognizable form of rock and roll. But on the other hand, there's an inescapable sense of loss—the Loch Ness monster is captured, Deep Throat is unmasked and the riddle of the pyramids is solved. Of course, that leaves the tantalizing question of where Jandek goes from here, which may be enough; after all, answers don't merely solve mysteries—they also create new ones. 


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