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Well, he says in the Trubee interview that (up till his tenth album at least) he was using one mic and a reel-to-reel. He probably updated as time went on though. Check out how on the Living End and its ilk, the voice is on the left but its reverberations are on the right. 

Chris Plummer <cvplummer at verizon.net> wrote:Hello all.. I have been a Jandek fan for awhile.. I recently got the documentary DVD.. and, I am wondering why the documentary proports that Jandek is a crude, one microphone into a tape deck maven? 
I have quite a bit of experience in recording, and even have a degree that has long since gathered dust. But, I have to say that, to my ears, Jandek's recordings are not as low-fi as fans like to point out.. 
There is definitley multi-tracking going on in alot of his releases. Or, very good mixing set up before hand, but I say multi tracking, and DEFINITLEY multiple microphones. 
Alot of the time, his voice is split-- a dry signal, split with another signal with an effect.. I venture to say he is running the effected signal through an amp with reverb.. or an old plate reverb. I don't think he is using modern effects because the clarity ain't there. Put on some headphones and you will hear the slap-back between your ears.. These are not mono recordings.. 
also, the instruments are run through this it seems. 
hell.. it could be he uses his basement like an echo chamber during mixing- speakers on one side of the room, mics on the other.. it has been done.. listen to Motown records! 
So.. in conclusion, low fi sounding yes, but I think that his recordings are on par with alot of 60's psych records. not some guy in a room with one mic and tape deck.. At the very LEAST, he is running a 1/4" 4 track reel to reel... 
caveat: I haven't any of Jandek's spoken word releases, or recent music.. But, I listened to the songs on the DVD, and it sounds like he as definitley updated his equipment... he may be digital now, or computer workstation for all we know. 
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