[Jandek] Jandek is watching you

Sharif Mansour stampid.mouse at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 07:12:52 PDT 2005

well, what the Residents did was this:
1) Payed Penn Jillette to listen to the records himself on a daily
listening schedule in a shut hotel room over a period of 10 days, and
not in any forced-listening fashion.
2) The whole thing was staged. Penn Jillette happens to be a longtime
friend and collaborator with the Residents. Oh they had you fooled!

So, while the results of a Jandek-related idea would be sort of
interesting (maybe), you're almost gauranteed to have less-interesting
results, and mostly a lot of "sounds like a child banging on untuned
instruments" type of comments.

You COULD hire professional actors to do it... You probably wouldnt
want to give all Jandek to them at once. Overkill, plus not enough
time for commentary.

Stampy Stamps

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