[Jandek] Most listened to Jandek album

Phil Harwell phil at philharwell.com
Fri Jun 17 13:06:18 PDT 2005

My fave so far is Later On.  "Your Condition" and "Just Whisper" are the
ones off that album that I dig the most.  When I feel a hankerin' for a
Jankerin', that's usually what I'm looking for.  Of course, I have not
listened to all of them enough to really get into much (most I've only
listened to once).  I'm slowly getting into listening more.  When I got my
box o'40, I pretty much went through in order (though I had to wait for
Six and Six), and in most cases I have not gotten around to a second
listen.  But Later On keeps calling me back, mainly because of the two
aforementioned songs.


> I agree, YWA is by far my favorite Jandek album. The other one that gets
> play is One Foot in the North, but only for "Upon the Grandeur". Both that
> song and YWA are great music for a certain, um, psychedelic state of mind
> in which I often find myself, being a college student and all. For more
> low-key moods, Blue Corpse is great. "Only Lover" is just plain gripping.
> GuylumBardot at aol.com wrote:
> So what's the Jandek album that you fine folks listen to the most? For me,
> it's You Walk Alone. It's an album that I find I can throw on at any time.
> I love Lavender and The Cat That Walked From Shelbyville. And even though
> it's electric (not one of his more quiet acoustic albums), I can sleep
> really well with it playing.
> - Jimmy
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