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jandek's sound is similar to almost every old, badly recorded bluessinger 
from that period
Charley Patton, Bukka White,Blind Lemon jefferson,  Son House and i could go 
on for ages.
to ears that only sporadically and recently began to listen to old blues 
everything sounds the alike.
jandek has practically nothing to do with Skip James who has an exellent 
technique and is alternatively tuned but in tune, jandek is pure feeling and 
improvisation another world so to speak
so please don't compare apples to oranges. It is'nt any good, not for jandek, 
because he really stands alone
and not for the old bluesplayers because mainly they were technically good 

The similarity between James and Jandek mostly has to do with the quality and 
atmosphere of the recordings, along with the eerie and somewhat spooky 
quality to each singer's voice. You're right, they don't have much in common 
musically or technically, but it's also not fair to say there isn't a common thread 
running through the recordings of both musicians. They may not be similar in 
ways that you find important, but they are similar. 
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