[Jandek] richard youngs

Craig Stewart craig at sxsw.com
Mon Jun 13 11:22:10 PDT 2005

His record "Sapphie" is completely unfuckwithable, beautiful stuff. 
Young and Alex Neilson also have a brand new collaborative LP out 
(vinyl only I believe), Eclipse has it.

I feel for the guy who shittalked Pitchfork, that site is pure poison! 
Anyone who reads it regularly is pathetic schlub who needs more head.

On Jun 12, 2005, at 12:25 PM, Nil Desperandum wrote:

>> Richard Youngs, who recently played alongside Jandek
> just got youngs' "river through howling sky". besides
> having a pretty janky title, the music is rather
> jandek-like. mainly tenor singing, strangely tuned
> strumming, wind chimes (in the background of every
> song), and a little droning electronic stuff that
> sounds like a detuned shortwave radio (probably an
> analog synth, but who knows). all in all, really good,
> and obviously a perfect choice for The Jandek Band.
> youngs' records are spotty-- for every great one there
> are two boring ones. i've listened to 5 or so, and
> this is only the second that did anything for me. (i
> think the other was called "airs of an ear".)
> worth checking out...
> nil+
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