[Jandek] Why Glasgow, Newcastle, UK?

Dlugosz, John J John.Dlugosz at trincoll.edu
Tue Jun 7 08:37:00 PDT 2005

Has anyone on this list tried to contact Corwood to set up a Jandek
appearance in the states? Ten years ago, when I was booking a space, we
always meant to give it a try, but never did. I don't imagine he sent a
press kit or actively tried to get on these bills--I assume he was
invited to play at the festivals in the UK. Has anyone extended such an
invite in the states? If so, was there any response? 

john d.

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> Subject: [Jandek] Why Glasgow, Newcastle, UK?
> This topic has come up in one of the other discussions, with a
> suggestion that a possible motivation for Jandek coming over to the UK
> to perform was that the UK is more receptive to experimental music.
> I'm not really convinced of this argument; the experimental music
> scene could hardly be considered unhealthy over in the US from what I
> see and hear.
> Does anyone have any other thoughts & ideas as to why Jandek has so
> far performed only here in the UK?
> Do you think there's any significance to his choice of events and
> I'm interested in both the two recent performances, at the festival in
> Newcastle, and here at the CCA in Glasgow, and also the initial
> surprise appearance at Instal last year, also here in Glasgow.
> Why did Jandek choose to break his 25 year period of not doing any
> live appearances at Instal, Glasgow in particular, rather than
> anywhere else?
> Can we read anything into his having done two gigs in Glasgow? Maybe a
> connection to the city?
> It could be, of course, that there is no real significance to his
> choice of when to appear, that these events were simply those that
> were offered or practical for him to appear at.
> To me, it seems likely that the sheer distance from home is/was a
> factor, making it slightly easier than doing gigs close to home would
> be.
> I also wonder if he's visited these places before. Has anyone
> dissected the Jandek catalogue for possible references to the UK, or
> even Glasgow in his lyrics?
> yours
> krakow
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