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my opinion is that Jandek restarted to make records after a lot of time, despite the large releases per-year.
we can assume the vocal difference between The Beginning and I throw you away as a big sign of the change (on age, in my opinion). 

may be the last records are a bit much more obsessed, "blind", or monothematic, even monotonous, between each tracks, than old ones and similars like Nine-Thirty or Living in a moon so blue. 
But some of these records are very good, too, like Then gone wait (2003) or The Door behind (2004).

May a good escape could be on the live shows, our man's newest step. 


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  I think it lies in the vocals. His current voice is deep, creepy, end-of-his-rope moaning, whereas his younger self, while basically making the same inflections, was a lot easier to swallow, simply because of the higher timbre. Also, he doesn't seem to deviate at all from the drawn out moaning lines, whereas in the past he had a few different ways of delivering his lyrics (shouts, attempts at singing, etc.). I don't know if that really helped, but it's the best I can muster. 

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