[Jandek] Other Musicians?

Davidson Roberts soccerdude219 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 2 22:28:34 PDT 2005

Sorry I offended your sensibilities there Mike, but sometimes I like making outrageous theories about Jandek simply because I can and no one can say I'm definitely wrong. I mean, what else are we supposed to talk about on this list anyway? I don't know about anyone else, but I find the discussion of Jandek mixtapes and "where can I find Jandek records in Belgium?" and so on dreadfully boring. So I add a little spice with some half-cocked theory, at least it gets people talking. Don't get me wrong. I, being an English major, am fully aware of the degree to which over-analyzation can ruin a work, but I'm just trying to have some fun here, and if you don't dig it, rest assured, you're not the first to have that opinion. Those who know me from when I went by the name Daniel Marks will tell you that the email to which you refer is hardly one of my more ridiculous pieces (don't worry though, I've gotten a lot more rational since those days). 
And as for that line about "theories which we all know are crap", I'll have you know that a number of Jandek fans side with my theory that there's another guy singing on the Follow Your Footsteps/Blue Corpse/You Walk Alone/On the Way sessions. Also, let me clarify what I meant by "surprising", because you're right that with Jandek, one must expect the unexpected. I meant that a switch to blues chords was unexpected even in the context of Jandek's body of work up to that point: going from atonal acoustic to atonal electric or suddenly adding a female singer is one thing, but I think that suddenly playing normal chords and then going back to atonality just as suddenly is probably the most shocking thing he's ever done, right next to when he (?) busted out that accordion, and of course, the whole album I Woke Up.

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