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> > 2. The absence of Nathan Lerner. To be fair, he's dead, so
> that's not 
> > really the filmmaker's fault. But they didn't really give
> him a fair shake 
> > in all of this, and he was for my money the central
> character in the 
> > post-Darger world. Nathan made great efforts to present
> Darger's work as 
> > art and have it preserved as a complete body of work. He was
> working on 
> > getting it all collected in one place so that it could be
> studied in its 
> > entirety. He worked hard to make sure that scholars were
> given access to 
> > the work, preserved his room rather than rent it out again.
> It was his 
> > then-wife, Kiyoko, who was adamant about cutting up the
> books and selling 
> > off the good stuff to outsider collectors, which happened
> quite a bit in 
> > the beginning. In short, Kiyoko really Yoko'd up that
> situation.
> How so? She inspired some of Darger's best work? She did
> occasionally 
> brilliant work herself? 

Really?  Kiyoko was older than Nathan, had more indie cred, and
has since been villified in mass media for decades through a
massive, pervasive, global racist action?

Why don't you just call her Kiyoko Bin Laden?   

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