[Jandek] Raining Down Diamonds - lyrics

Paul Condon paulgcondon at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 05:40:21 PDT 2005

In a recent post I said that I thought the lyrics on the new version
of Take My Will were identical to the original version - actually
they're a bit different.
The lyrics of New Rendezvous are like an old swing tune or something! 

I don't know where things are
It's so dark I have to feel my way around
And listen to some little sound
What's that?

Oh, but I'm in my cave
It's true, I can't get out
But also they can't get in
I suppose we always take our chances
But when it's raining down diamonds
And the rays of those things
Puts you in a blinding dazzle of light
Like you never saw before
They have no comparison

I don't know anything
Not where I've been
Not where I was gone
What did I think of
When I stared and not moving
For hours on end
Now I know where I have been
And I might get to know
Where I am
Because I know where you are 
And I'm satisfied

Arrest yourself, don't wait any longer
Cause yourself to cease
Stop and think about it
Stop and think about it
Just stop moving, keep yourself still
Know that it's forever
This thing you have right here

Oh you ancients of the food god
You who showed us how to eat
Which things to eat into our body
And pass through while we stay alive
I want to thank you for your gift

Jesus take my will
Take mine and make it yours
Jesus take my will
Take mine and make it yours
In 6 minutes I'm gone
Gone to take the next train
Pack on my back
And a two dollar bill
Jesus take my will
Take it and make it yours
Jesus take my will
Take it and make it yours
I know when i go 
I'll say it once again
I'm on the right track
And I love you still
Jesus take my will
Take mine and make it yours
Jesus take my will
Take mine and make it yours
Jesus take my will
Take mine and make it yours

You're only as young as your heart
Though the years pass on and on
If it's new and you grow 
With each moment
And the air and the vision 
You see out your eyes
Change in a wonderful way
Then the times are well spent
And the gifts are all around
And your eyes light up
And the day is a new rendezvous
Then you're only as young as your heart

Your steps are light as a feather
You're walking on clouds, you know
You've gained and you've lost
And you still come around
With a gift and a word to the wise
You're only as young as your heart
There's times I know you feel lonely
For the friends who've passed you on by
But be free and you'll see
That it only comes to be
Another way back to your heart
And in that place you'll find
A happy way to exist
Where this one and that one you meet 
Are a lot better off than before
So be thankful for all that you've got
And you'll get much more than you had
For there's dreams, there's schemes and things planned
And they all have nothing in mind
You're only as young as your heart

The wine in the evening
Takes me down all the lanes
And the places I've been
You love me, I love you, I know
But you're on the way to some star
So I stop and I look for the light
And the memories and the creation
Of all the days that unfold
But to (?) keep on going to the last place I'll be
I'm where you are waiting
And I won't take so long
So now it's so certain
And then it's alright
And the days go along so smoothly
And the nights fade into each other
You've got all the kinds of every love
And your visitor lasts so long
So listen and find me if you can
I'll be all around your loneliness

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