[Jandek] Henry Darger (OT)

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The Darger movie played in Chicago a few months ago. I believe it was in
general (yet small) release already. This site has some info.

Good movie on great subject matter. There are some similarities of Darger
and Jandek (outsiders, seemingly high work ethic, large output, very deeply
personal expression...almost too personal for outsiders to view) but also
many differences (i.e. Darger had NO contact with his audience...in fact
there was no audience for his work until after his death).


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> It's
> about Henry Darger, who wasn't a musician, but the fact that he was an
> outsider artist added to the similar feel of both documentaries made me
> want to mention it here.  The film was very well done.  Sorry if it's a
> bit off-topic.

I'm a big fan of Henry Darger's work, and am really looking forward to this
documentary. Is it on general release now in the US? (Or, if you're not in
the US... where are you? :))


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