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Glad to Get Away is a great album. I thought for about two seconds that it was a concept record that tells the fragmented story of a murderer (fist line: "it's a cold and bitter tale 'bout a man who spent his time in jail"). The whole theory falls apart by the second half, but there're a lot of lyrics that make it seem like it should work: "hey mister can you tell me, is there a knife stuck in your face", "i've got life and death stains on my pants", "crushing victims, oh so sly", etc. 

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So, I guess I disagree with saying that the 
> Torah builds 
> to a Messiah. That sounds like saying that Jews are still waiting 
> for their 
> New Testament, but Jewish bible is complete as it is. After the 
> coming of 
> the Messiah, Jews will still live by the Torah and all the laws 
> are going to 
> be in place. Moreso, since it'll be possible to keep the laws that 
> only have 
> meaning when the Temple in Jerusalem exists.

Thanks AGAIN for the info. Though I have a lot of Jewish friends most of them aren't practicing and don't often speak of their beliefs. I've never been in a synagogue (but HAVE been in plenty of churches (though not in a long while)) so my interpretation is based more on that understanding. Mid-Southern culture likes to define the 3 religions as identical except for the Jesus and Muhommad thing so at least for ME I appreciate the explanation. 

> > his spiritual songs but some of them ("Take My Will" especially) 
> seem to 
> > be very humble and revealing of character.
> >
> Which album is that on? 

The original (which I listened to again yesterday after reading this thread) is on 'Glad to Get Away' but he redoes it on the new album. The new version (don't have mine yet) is twice as long as the original. Can someone tell me what the difference is? The original is a sort of mantra - "Jesus take my will/take mine and make it yours."

I've never listened to his spirtual songs 
> closely 
> enough to see a New or Old Testement orientation.

By Old Testament I guess I mean more of the Wrathful God. 'Modern Dances' contains a few old time religion stompers (paint your teeth and then bow down and be thankful?) and there's plenty more on other albums. He DOES name-drop Ezekiel on 'Glad to Get Away' (again) but that may have nothing to do with anything. Definitely a religious feel to that album, though - as if he pondered the soul while he was on his trip (see "Van Ness Mission"). Then again this IS the album that has "Hey mister can you tell me is that a knife stuck in your face" on it. 

Gotta love this guy!

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