[Jandek] Re: The Skinn Boys?!?

GuylumBardot at aol.com GuylumBardot at aol.com
Sat Jul 23 10:45:44 PDT 2005

I agree with the "not racist" plea, we've all seen  pictures of Bin Laden. 
It's a fact that Bin Laden looks like Bin Laden. You  don't have to be bias or 
have some subconscious racism to think that. So if  Jandek takes on some 
"comic" characteristics of the pictures and  videos we've seen of Bin Laden, well 
that's a fact. 
    I know these past years have been UNFAIRLY tough  for people of Middle 
Eastern descent. I live in Oklahoma, not exactly the hub of  cultural 
understanding, and I know people of Middle Eastern descent, and man, it  makes you sick 
they way these people were/are treated, especially after 9/11  (not to mention 
everywhere else in the world). But that comment wasn't  knocking them, it was 
mearly a keen observation of a silly  coincidence.
- Jimmy
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