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Garry Brogden garry at brogd-n.freeserve.co.uk
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Er, how exactly does my comment do that? It was a comment aimed at what
Jandek _does_ look like on the cover, and fuck knows how that makes it
racist. Where does it equate, exactly? What does it enforce by saying that
Jandek looks like Bin Laden in a picture that he chose for his front cover?

I'd like to see you call me a racist to my face. Keyboard warrior, same as


Some complete utter fucking little wanker with a brain the size of a pebble

thanks for once again enforcing racist and religionist sterotypes against
arab and muslim people
worldwide by equating all of them with a tiny, fringe group of extremists.

i never thought jandek would appeal to racists.  isn't there a whole little
cottage industry of neo-fascist
skinhead punk bands?  maybe you should check some of those out, and sign up
for some of those lists
instead of bothering us with your inane, ignorant comments here.


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> Good grief! Jandek Bin Laden!
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