[Jandek] Gateshead Gig Available

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Wed Jul 20 10:35:00 PDT 2005

Okay so last fall I had to hear the live stuff - HAD to. Needed to know what the man sounded like live. So I downloaded the bootleg (like most everyone else here) and bought the cd when it came up.

I'll also admit I'm getting jumpy about hearing the new live stuff. I mean, another bass album sounds, um, great (maybe I'll make a desktop image of that cover while I'm at it) but I do hope he hurries and releases the live recordings. Maybe he could step out of chronological recording just long enough to put these two shows out?  

Anyway I think any links to downloading this material should be mailed offlist.  I'll admit my curiousity is WAY up (especially for the piano set) but this time I'll wait for the official document.  I don't think anyone on this list is out to scam the man a few sales but out of respect for his label I think links should be offlist. 

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Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2005 8:20 am
Subject: [Jandek] Gateshead Gig Available

> Here's the NFO:
> ++
> Jandek
> The Sage, Gateshead, UK, 22 May 2005
> Sony ECM-719 mic -> Sony MZ-N710 MD -> SoundForge -> LAME version 
> 3.90.3 MMX
> Incomplete recording: last track of the set missing, penultimate track
> cut. No known complete version in circulation.
> Edited out long break between tracks 1 & 2 while a guitar string 
> was replaced.
> 11 unreleased tracks.
> Jandek: guitar
> Richard Youngs: bass
> Alexander Neilson: drums
> ++
> Someone mentioned that they saw several people recording the show, so
> I wonder if there is a full recording floating round out there
> somewhere.
> I won't have a chance to listen to it till tonight.
> krakow
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