[Jandek] New from Corwood

Seth Tisue seth at tisue.net
Mon Jul 18 20:16:37 PDT 2005

Yes, the new one's called Raining Down Diamonds.  Jandek sings, plays
bass again, and reprises "Take My Will" (from Glad to Get Away, 1994).
Song titles and times are up on the site; I haven't scanned the cover
yet.  It's really dim and blurry and appears to depict Jandek on his
last pilgrimage to Mecca.

Along with it came a fresh copy of Chair Beside a Window (Corwood 0742,
1982) in the mail today, sporting a bar code on the back.  Note from
Corwood says "0742 remastered, previous editions are now obsolete."
The track times on the new version are 9-13 seconds longer than the old
version, due to silences added at both the beginning and end of each
track.  I don't know yet if there are any other discrepancies.

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