[Jandek] Upon the Grandeur, shouts and murmurs, DVD.

Robertson Davis soccerdude219 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 1 15:48:49 PDT 2005

I was listening to "Upon the Grandeur", one of the classic Jandek tracks, used excellently in the documentary, on my noise cancelling headphones, and I noticed that Eddie (i.e. the voice I call Eddie) mumbled "A minor" whenever the chorus came on. Soon I had all the progressions figured out:
Verse: A, C#m, G, Bm
Chrous: Am, F, C, Am
I'm working on some of the lead lines, which are quite beautiful and sometimes almost Hendrix-like; certainly Eddie's finest work.
I also noticed that at the end of the song there's the following exchange:
Eddie: We'll end it now.
Someone: What?
Eddie: We'll end it now!
This suggests that there were two guitarists as well as explains why Eddie was saying the changes; the other guy (might be Jandek, but I doubt it) must have been playing rhythm. Looks like the Quinn Boys might be having a reunion. Now if only I could find their phone numbers...
I got the documentary on DVD the other day and I watched/listened to pretty much everything on it. Just as people said, those WHRB interviews where my crackpot Jandek theories were mentioned are on there, and listening to them from someone else's mouth reminded me of just how stupid they were. But what the hell, it was fun coming up with them. 

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