[Jandek] jandek on corwood soundtrack sources?

Paul Condon paulgcondon at gmail.com
Sun Jan 23 12:19:30 PST 2005

> any idea what pieces he slowed down? 

I asked Chad about this and I think he said it was Walking in the
Meadow from White Box requiem. It's one of several solo guitar
instrumentals on that album.

>  any other jandek songs similar to the strange beauty of "om"?

 Om is something of a one-off - there's nothing else similar in the discography.
As regards On the Way: I'm Ready is similar in style to the other 2
songs on Side 2 of that album, all in the Blue Corpse style. Side one
starts off with a couple of really shambolic songs that sound similar
to the material on side 2 of Somebody in the Snow, and the rest is in
his straight electric blues style.

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