[Jandek] jandek on corwood soundtrack sources?

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I would move up to the next period and snag 'Graven Image' and 'Glad to Get Away.' Two of his most underrated albums, imho. They work well as a set.


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> >I think if you listen to the Director's commentary, he mentions 
> that 
> some of
> >the slow music at the end is actually Jandek slowed down.  The 
> one used in
> >the trailer is a slowed down Jandek song too.
> ahh that's too bad.  any idea what pieces he slowed down?  any 
> other jandek songs similar to the strange beauty of "om"?
> i find i'm partial to the higher-voiced, ethereal, acoustic jandek 
> as 
> opposed to the hard electric stuff.  although i'm not against the 
> drums, i really don't like the electric guitar, and i'm especially 
> tired 
> of more traditionally bluesy playing.  based on that, can anyone 
> make any more recommendations to me other than Ready for the 
> House, Chair Beside a Window, Blue Corpse, and Somebody in 
> the Snow?
> i think i identified one song i liked as "i'm ready", but the rest 
> of that 
> album seems like it's a harder-edged one.  is that the case?
> d.
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