[Jandek] Re: other music (and words)

Jim Reed jim.r at connectsavannah.com
Mon Jan 17 07:43:04 PST 2005

SWIMMING POOL Q'S: The Deep End, Royal Academy of Reality

JOHN CALE: The Island Years (compilation)

TELEVISION: 1992 or so... (amazing live Reunion Tour bootleg)

THE JB'S: Pass The Peas (anthology of mostly instrumental James Brown
productions from the '60s & '70s featuring his sidemen of the time)

LENNY BRUCE: Let The Buyer Beware (Boxed Set of mostly unreleased material
spanning his career)


DANIEL JOHNSTON: Early Recordings (homemade cassette compilation)

LUNA: Bewitched, Penthouse

CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN: In The Mouth Of The Crocodile (official ltd. edition
live in Seattle 2004 fanclub CD - www.pitchatent.com)

JOHN LURIE: Soundtrack to "Mystery Train"

TOM WAITS: Real Gone

BOB DYLAN: Time Out Of Mind

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