[Jandek] other music

Jonathan 23 bad_dreams at elvis.com
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judee sill, linda perhacs, bill fay, simon finn, tom rapp, nick drake, bobby brown, pg six, 6 organs of 
admittance, current93, charlie tweddle, jan dukes de grey, master musicians of bukkake, entire sublime 
frequencies catalog, loren mazzacane connors, keijo haino, bonnie "prince" billy, exuma, antony and the 

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> hi. don't know if i've ever posted before, but i'm
> curious what other music people here are listening to.
> i guess i'm interested in seeing what jandek fans also
> consider music.....
> a few here:
> moondog (np), incredible string band, eyes and arms of
> smoke, devendra banhart, albert ayler, milovan
> srdenovic,  julian cope, sun city girls, pearls before
> swine, etc....
> nil.
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