[Jandek] blue corpse & demystification

rangoon rangoon at ntlworld.com
Thu Jan 13 19:05:39 PST 2005

> like if all is said and you don't want to hear it anymore then the list should be closed.

I didn't mean to give the impression that nothing need be said
again just because it was said before; the point about the list archive was
really more to do with the wealth of useful demystification that has
been debated here since this list was started, and the archive was the
first thing I personally turned to after exhausting every other source of
available information when I initially discovered Jandek 3 years or so
ago - when a subject has no real background information *anything* is
useful, and my grounding in Jandek comes from all the good work
(both speculative and deductive) from the list's contributors...didn't
mean to sound as critical as I might have done.

In an ideal world all of the useful observations made here since 1997
would be collated, and possibly posted somewhere, systematically album
by album, and then there would be a resource that could be referenced
should this kind of speculation come up again (as the Blue Corpse musicians
debate regularly does) - not set in stone as such, but open to
debate - and I don't know if the list or Seth's site is the place for
this...is this the kind of thing that would be useful for the new
messageboard? The differences between the vinyl and CD issues of the
first 22 albums is something that could be clarified once and for all...
I posted something about this topic a while ago, but was surprised by the
slightly negative responses, the implication being that the changes
made by Corwood (remastering and editing) are an artist's prerogative,
and the earlier versions are therefore inferior; but surely if any
artistic value is to be attributed to the Jandek body of work, the
original album issues are primary sources, and worthy of study as
such...? I'm sure there are many people on this list that take
Jandek's work seriously enough for this kind of thing to


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