[Jandek] The Secret Life of Jandek

Joe Faust boddekker at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 11 05:35:49 PST 2005

This New York Times article could explain a lot about
Jandek.  Or not:


Not to get over analytical or anything... but seeing
the cover of "A Kingdom He Likes" and comparing it to
the photos from the concert... Jandek is letting
himself be seen older now - like he's letting the
covers catch up with him.  I think this lends credence
to the Early Retirement Theory.

Maybe he feels he no longer has to protect his secret
identity.  Or he can afford to play a little fast and
loose with it now, since he may no longer have to deal
with coworkers who would say, "You do WHAT in your
spare time?"

And maybe he's getting ready to "come out."  But on
his own terms, of course.

Jandek as superhero, indeed.

Thinking about the way his career has progressed of
late makes me wonder about a couple of other things:

(1) Perhaps he was burned by one of his collaborators
during the Middle Period - especially if they weren't
told - but somehow found out - that their fooling
around with the tape machine was being released on
vinyl.  Could explain why there were no further
collabs until Instal.

(2) It might be time to rethink the Jandek periods. 
The Early and Middle are still easily defined- but
this "Late Period" can be divided into one leading up
to the acappella releases; then the acappella trilogy;
what came after the trilogy until approximately Instal
04; and this new period, starting with Instal, perhaps
even traceable back to the documentary.  Something to
argue about, anyway.

Joe Clifford Faust
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