[Jandek] Vinyl vs. CD

Paul Condon paulgcondon at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 05:32:19 PST 2005

Of the few vinyls I've heard, the most different is Lost Cause. The
original lp has a very atmospheric room sound similar to Blue Corpse,
but on the cd the tracks are really separated, with the vocals and
guitar panned very wide, with all the hiss and ambience filtered out.
The cd mix of the The Electric End sounds very odd to me, it has a
much more natural live sound on vinyl. This is the only one that I've
heard on vinyl that I find significantly inferior on the cd.
Many of the earlier cd reissues feature a watery wavering effect in
places, which was identified by people here as the effect of heavy
On the Blue Corpse cd you can occasionally hear another song playing
backwards in the background - on Harmonica you can make out some of
The Way That You Act from You Walk Alone if you play it backwards.
There's a few seconds cut from some of the tracks on Follow your
Footsteps, including a Mothers of Invention quote - I think these are
listed in the discography.
The transcription of Blue Blister from Chair... on the website
(presumably from vinyl)features a the line "smoking cigarettes" which
isn't on the cd version.
I've heard that the early Corwood lps were often issued in very cheap,
low-quality pressings, and so sometimes sound a lot better on cd. One
feature of the more recent cds that I find odd is those really long
gaps between the tracks.

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