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in the words of Willam Black, "Thats beautiful, man".

jandek is part of a new species? or are there "outsider whales"?


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>I read the following and I could not help but to think
>of Jandek!
>Lonely whale's song remains a mystery
>Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition by Jon
>A lone whale with a voice unlike any other has been
>the Pacific for the past 12 years.
>Marine biologist Mary Ann Daher of Woods Hole
>Institution in Massachusetts, US, and her colleagues
>signals recorded by the US navy’s submarine-tracking
>to trace the movements of whales in the north Pacific.
>The partially declassified records show that a lone
>singing at around 52 hertz has cruised through the
>ocean every
>autumn and winter since 1992. Its calls do not match
>those of
>any known species, although they are clearly those of
>a baleen
>whale, a group that includes blue, fin and humpback
>Blue whales typically call at frequencies between 15
>and 20
>hertz. They use some higher frequencies, but not 52
>Daher says. Fin whales make pulsed sounds at around 20
>while humpbacks sing at much higher frequencies. The
>of the lone whale do not match the migration patterns
>of any
>other species, either.
>Over the years the calls have deepened slightly,
>because the whale has aged, but its voice is still
>Daher doubts that the whale belongs to a new species,
>no similar call has been found anywhere else, despite
>careful monitoring.
>Journal reference: Deep-Sea Research (vol 51, p 1889)
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