[Jandek] Butt out

Fabio R. pippus at fastwebnet.it
Wed Jan 5 02:01:37 PST 2005

> Can someone, anyone, post something resembling a
> review, or what...?
> Scott Bateman

After the spoken albums (between 2000 and 2001), all new Jandek ones have a 
lot of similarities to each other, lirically and musically. The man is 
completely alone with his music, no other ones involved. So, it's difficult 
to create something different, it's hard to find new peculiarities. The new 
album make no exeption.

I love "Blue Corpse" and "You Walk alone" because they're masterpieces, 
definitely. I like the last Jandek records (
"i threw you away", "The Gone Wait" and "the Door Behind" are my favourites) 
because is always, still Jandek, and that's all.

Fabio, Rome 

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