[Jandek] Garry Davis 2003-2004 Tops

Garry Davis yrrag26 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 1 00:41:12 PST 2005

Garry Davis 2003 Tops

Dave Burrell--Echo LP (Get Back) Actuel 20 / GET 320
Current 93--A Little Menstrual Night Music CD (United Durtro / Anomalous) 
Faust--The Wumme Years 1970-73 5-CD (ReR Megacorp) RER FB1
Jackie O Motherfucker--Change LP (Ecstatic Peace! / U-Sound) Tour Edition
Jandek--You Walk Alone LP (Corwood Industries) CORWOOD 0754
Barbara Kolb--“Solitaire for Piano and Vibes” on Davidovsky / Kolb LP 
(Turnabout) TV-S 34487
Eric Lanzillotta--Water Tower 10" (Anomalous Records) sound 1
David Maranha--Noe’s Lullaby CD (Rossbin Production) RS 004
Larry Polansky--Change CD (Artifact Recordings) ART 1023
Larry Polansky--Four-Voice Canons CD (Cold Blue Music) CB0011
Les Rallizes Denudes 2-CD (bootleg)
Ya Ho Wha 13--I’m Gonna Take You Home LP (Swordfish) YHVH 3

Garry Davis 2004 Tops

Beth Anderson--Peachy Keen-O CD (Pogus Productions) P21030-2
William Basinski--Disintegration Loops I CD (2062) 2062 0201
William Basinski--Disintegration Loops II CD (2062) 2062 0202
William Basinski--Disintegration Loops III CD (2062) 2062 0304
William Basinski--Disintegration Loops IV CD (2062) 2062 0305
BNSF--Object 6 CD (Locust) 58
Alvin Curran--Maritime Rites 2-CD (New World Records) 80625-2
Damenbart--Impressionen ’71 CD (Psychedelic Pig) PIG CD 03
Dara LP (Ecstatic Peace!) E # 70 D
Chad Freidrichs + Paul Fehler--Jandek On Corwood DVD (Unicorn Stencil) JOC 
Fushitsusha--1978 CD (PSF) PSFD-8016
Tom Hamilton--London Fix CD (Muse Eek) MSK 118
Tim Hecker--Radio Amor CD (Mille Plateaux) MP 119 CD
Roland Kayn--Tektra 4-CD (Barooni) BAR 016
Phillip Sanderson--Reprint CD (Anomalous) NOM 23
Harry Partch--The Harry Partch Collection Volume 1 CD (New World Records) 
Harry Partch--The Harry Partch Collection Volume 2 CD (New World Records) 
Sun City Girls--Cloaven Theater (Abduction) Video 1
Sun City Girls--The Halcyon Days of Symmetry (Abduction) Video 2
Sun City Girls--It's Not Over 'Till the Skinny Arab Lights the Fuse 
(Abduction) Video 3
Sun City Girls--The Burning Nerve Ending Magic Trick (Abduction) Video 4
Sun City Girls--If It Blows Up…Park It! (Abduction) Video 5
Sun City Girls--Myths and Legends of the Blue West (Abduction) Video 6
Trad Gras Och Stenar--Djungelns Lag CD (1/2 Special Skivor & Trams) HALV 1-2
Trad Gras Och Stenar--Mors Mors CD (1/2 Special Skivor & Trams) HALV 2-2
Various Artists--Folk & Pop Sounds of Sumatra CD (Sublime Frequencies) SF001
Various Artists--Music From The Once Festival 1961-1966 5-CD (New World 
Records) 80567-2
Various Artists--Nat Pwe: Burma's Carnival of Spirit Soul DVD (Sublime 
Frequencies) SF004
Various Artists--The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations 
4-CD (Irdial-Discs) 59ird tcp1
Xhol Caravan--Motherfuckers Live 2-CD (World Serpent) UDOR 5/6 CD
Ya Ho Wha 13--Penetration LP (Swordfish) YHVH 2

Thanks for reading. I hope you will hear some of these amazing sounds. 
Here's looking forward to a nice 2005 for everyone...

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