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When we look at the Jandek's images
from the live-gig, we can perceive very clearly
the position of the fingers on guitar.
I ask to guitar-players of the list :
can it be a flamenco's chord ?
Certainly, it's an incommon chord
- and possibly used in contemporain music
(i think of Stravinski, for instance)
- but also in flamenco's music.
Don't we know that Jandek
listen to spanish music ?.
Any sentiment ?

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hallo hervé,
as jandek explains himself in the only interview ever, he is tuning the
guitar in an uncommon way, the way he feels  it or the way that it sounds
good to him. so if you know a little about guitar playing you must know that
we can only 'see' chords if the guitar is tuned in a classic e-a-d-g-b-e
way, so in the case of jandek it is almost  impossible, and like mostly
everything about him pure speculation, to figure out wich notes he is
playing only by seeing his finger positions. for ex if he puts his finger on
the 5th fret of the big e string it does not mean he plays A because we
don't know how he tunes his strings.
i hope i've been to some help for you.
don't try to go to deep in the way jandek works because i think that a lot
of stuff happens spontaniously.kandek says that lyricwise he has 70% written
down and 30% improvised, i believe that with his music it is just the other
way round, but as the shaggs prove it to us it is possible for non musicians
to do certains things in an inexplainable way to 'real' accomplished
players. different thinking i suppose.
thats so exiting about him he does a lot of things his way exept maybe when
is is playing with the other guitarist that tries to play like he just
learned to play his first chords. i can tell you that this guy is masking is
skills , you can hear that he practised on some blues patterns and play some
stuff with a more jazzy south american feel.
this period is also jandek's most accesible to common ears. there he sounds
mostly like a badly rehearsed or drunk amateur band.
it all gets different of course when he starts singing.

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