[Jandek] Down In A Mirror - A Second Tribute To Jandek

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Mon Feb 21 17:25:18 PST 2005

           Eric of Summersteps Records here.  We're proud to announce the 
final track listing for the second Jandek Tribute titled, Down In A Mirror - A 
Second Tribute To Jandek.  Pre-orders begin now at www.summerstepsrecords.com 
and street date is 4/19.  I'd like to say thanks to everyone who contributed and 
am working on a way to present the tracks that were sent for both Volume I 
and II that did not make the final cut.

Track listing:
1.  "Crack A Smile" - Jeff Tweedy 
2.  "You Painted Your Teeth" - Live Show Rabbits 
3.  ""The Dunes" - Eric Gaffney 
4.  "Your Other Man" - Okkervil River 
5.  "Message To The Clerk" - Brother JT 
6.  "I'll Sit Alone And Think About You" - Six Organs Of Admittance 
7.  "Cave In On You / European Jewel (Incomplete)" - Home For The Def 
8.  "Down In Mirror" - The Marshmallow Staircase 
9.  "White Box" - The Mountain Goats 
10.  "Aimless Breeze" - George Parsons 
11.  "Nancy Sings" - Lewis and Clarke 
12.  "Naked In The Afternoon" - Jack Norton 
13.  "Sung" - Rivulets 
14.  "Babe I Love You" - Kawabata Makoto 
15.  "The Spirit" - Wayside Drive 
16.  "Just Die" - A Real Knife Head 
18.  "Van Ness Mission" - Ross Beach 
19.  "I Found The Right Change" - Multi Panel 
20.  "Babe I Love You" - Dan Melchior 
21.  "You Painted Your Teeth" - Pothole Skinny 
22.  "With U Icon (An Homage)" - Dirty Projectors

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