[Jandek] a kingdom he likes

Ludo Maas multi-panel at unschooled.com
Sat Feb 19 02:08:31 PST 2005

i just got it through a dutch mailorder. :)
(just as leo said all releases are carried again..)
i still want to order some through corwood as well though... one day.. i am a little hesistant "money draft orders" etc. is not really my usual cup of tea.

as for a kingdom he likes. i love the guitar sound. it sounds full and rich. did anyone ever notice some small glitches. i found 'em in several releases it seems like there was some cut and pasting done. like jandek recorded a few tries and made 1 song of it or something.. but maybe i am wrong.

one question: the cd is BLUE. blue as hell! (i mean the disc) lol. i found it a little dissonant at first.. i kind of got used to it. but i remember the lp's having a soft blue print.. maybe that's why it's blue again right now.
so are all the cd's blue like a kingdom he likes.
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