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I've had a look through all the recent posts, and there seems to be a disbelief that people genuinely enjoy Jandek's music inherent in the criticisms that have been levelled against him.
So this is my personal experience of Jandek.  I cant speak for anyone else, but I want to let you know why I like Jandek.  When I got into Jandek last year it was because I was attracted to his anonymity.  I enjoyed being a part of the mystery.   
But that only makes you want to buy the one record.  The record i bought was Blue Corpse, and I loved it.  To me it was like the music I'd been waiting my whole life to hear, something that was dark yet not overindulgent, that toned in with how I felt about my life.  It was outside and not a part of scenes.  Since I too am not exactly the most social, I felt Jandek spoke to me in a way very few musicians had ever got across to me.  I bought whatever records my local record store got in (MONORAIL RECORDS, GLASGOW) and since then I've been a real avid listener.  
I guess maybe I'm that someone somewhere who likes these records.  When you say that these albums are "comedy albums" I point you in the direction of tracks like "Point Judith", "First You Think Your Fortune's Lovely" or "Leave all you have" tell me thats the work of a retard.  

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