[Jandek] Hello Jandek Fans!

Hervé Planquois herve.planquois at neuf.fr
Fri Feb 18 14:49:37 PST 2005

Bonjour Moulty,

You said : Jandek is garbage. 
It's your opinion, and i respect it. 
I don't think that 'Jandek's community' pretends to be superior than others one. 
It would be absurd. 
And, for that matter, could a 'Jandek's community' can exist ?
For me, i think that Jandek's artistic project is more or less musical.
Music is a support, a socle - and poetry, the statue.
Poetry, or living experience around litterature.
I listen to Jandek's cds as i read a book,
very ancient book - handwritten - with (certainly)
some lapses, erasures, etc.
But the argument is ALWAYS  greatly moving.
Hear to 'Six and six', for instance (one of my favorites).
And just LISTEN.
I am not a musician - i am inclined mostly for poetry
and litterature. 
I however listen to music - and i attented to some music
concerts (Clash, Dylan, Sun Ra, Braxton, Waits, etc.. etc..).
So, i might say that Jandek - of course is Jandek - but
he is also one of the more important artistic experience
of the era.
And it does not matter the 'mystery'.


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