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Jungle jungleklan at pandora.be
Fri Feb 18 05:31:56 PST 2005

dear moulty,
first of all i'm not white. and not a kid anymore
and second jandek has everything to do with blues.
singing about feelings that hurt, feeling blue.
blues, like punk, for example is not a musical genre
but a state you're in, an attitude a sort of lifestyle.
jandek is prob. very unhappy and sings about it.
blues is a global feeling you'll find it everywhere on earth
belgian chansonier Jaques brel is blues
Jimmy Rodgers was blues
italian vox virtuoso Luigi Tormentori Is blues
the iraqi  khari band Chamal Sneck play 'electric blues'
sahara bedouin players Tinariwen are blues etc etc
ali farka touré from mali is blues.....

walter trout is not blues
stevie ray vaughn was not blues

sum 41 blink 182 etc are not punk

blues is not about technique, look at John Lee Hooker's (one of my favorite
artists of all fucking time)
Blues is like a self cleaning ritual, a sort of self therapy. and jandek
sounds like some old smithsonian
filed recordings.he moans and groans about his life
jandek's art is in the whole concept, the plan, 38 albums , hunderds of
songtitels, his lyrics, his artwork
i know that from a certain distance the whole thing looks ridiculous and one
af the first spontaneous reactions people have is to laugh with something
they don't understand.
you have to listen more, drench yourself in it, bath in it.
remember people said the same things about
elvis, the beatles, ramones; nirvana, kraftwerk, techno, death metal, reggae
you name it some people will always find it offensive or unlistenable.
the only crap music is corporate music, everythiing that comes from a sole
person should be treated with much respecto.

much respecto
Kloot Per W

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