[Jandek] Stop calling Jandek "blues"

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Thu Feb 17 19:13:28 PST 2005

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Subject: [Jandek] Stop calling Jandek "blues"

What an insult to a century of great bluesmen.

<There hasn't been a single, genuine, black bluesman over the last 100 years 
who would not have heard Jandak, and after 30 seconds declared it to be 
complete garbage.>

If you've taken the name of the Barbarians' drummer as your screen name, you 
should be aware that I've played their album for people who've had the exact 
reaction that you describe here.

<Just because a bunch of pretentious white boys and girls are gullible 
enough to waste their time on Jandek does not mean that the proud name of 
blues music should be sullied by association with this Houston halfwit.

There is nothing "blues" about Jandek.  If you need a name, "crap" does it. 
It's not complicated.>

You joined the Jandek mailing list just to tell everyone you don't like 
Jandek? Time to rethink the direction of your life.

By the way, is liking Jandek more or less pretentious than assuming you can 
speak for giants of music like Son House and Howling Wolf?

I suppose trolling is fun for some people, but Jandek has a pretty small 
fanbase. Why not go troll a Billy Joel mailing list? You'll get a bigger 

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