[Jandek] the blue behind

Jonathan Vincent jcvinc2 at pop.uky.edu
Fri Feb 11 07:56:46 PST 2005

So I guess I should just not comment on this mailing list... I thought
that was what this was supposed to be for(the mailing list); talking
about jandek's music... but I guess not... well I guess you guys have
heard enough from me... I won't bother anyone any longer.

what about cutting all the intelectual muso stuff and just assuming that
jandek does all this instinctively and emotionaly not intentionally
me for my bad english).
he's just there in his room openig a tap and let it flow.
it has nothing to do with styles oir countries.
blues is an global feeling that sounds the same averywhere it is not a
musical genre it is a feelin.
so please don't go to far with this just enjoy the music and lyrics.
jandek says: let the music do the talkin so lets not talk for him.

kind regards

kloot per w
jungleklan at pandora .be
02 767 70 91
molenweg 30
3080 tervuren 

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