[Jandek] The Door Behind

chthonic streams chthonic at chthonicstreams.com
Sat Feb 5 17:57:11 PST 2005

>Hey all,
>Just got "The Door Behind" as well as "A Kingdom He
>Likes". I listened to "Kingdom" first. Some of it is
>quite funny, I felt. "The Door Behind" on the other
>hand is harrowing.  The guitar.  His voice.  So
>broken, so in need of comfort.  It has haunted me for
>days.  I know Jandek is not everyone's cup-o-meat but
>this record alone shows how his vision breaks down
>conventional song writing, especially the blues.  Most
>of the lyrics are quite positive.  The execution,
>though, is devistating in it's intimacy.  Anyone else
>heard "Door", any thoughts?

i haven't heard it, but i'm wondering if you have anything else by 
jandek.  i finally ordered 3 early CDs from the man himself, all 
other outlets let me down.  what i'm looking for is sort of what you 
describe: the high, spooky, fragile voice, maybe with a bit of echo, 
and the acoustic plunking away.  i can't get "they told me about you" 
out of my head.

i did pick up "somebody  in the snow" as planned, because of "om", 
but of course that song is totally unique.  i sort of liked one of 
the songs with drums, it was very ritualistic.

the other two i got were one of the cover pairs, "graven image" and 
"glad to get away".  these only had a few moments like what i was 

i ordered "ready for the house", "chair beside a window", and "blue 
corpse".  i'm thinking i may eventually get all of the first 7, but 
i'm not made of money.  a lot fo people seem to like "six and six", 
but i always balk when i read the word "blues" mentioned in a review. 
i really don't like the bluesier playing at all.  i think i prefer 
jandek when he seems to be playing alone, although  some of the nancy 
songs are nice too, and ditto for the drums (if it really is "john" 
playing them).


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