[Jandek] The Door Behind

don henson donsolo23 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 4 00:05:50 PST 2005

Hey all,

Just got "The Door Behind" as well as "A Kingdom He
Likes". I listened to "Kingdom" first. Some of it is
quite funny, I felt. "The Door Behind" on the other
hand is harrowing.  The guitar.  His voice.  So
broken, so in need of comfort.  It has haunted me for
days.  I know Jandek is not everyone's cup-o-meat but
this record alone shows how his vision breaks down
conventional song writing, especially the blues.  Most
of the lyrics are quite positive.  The execution,
though, is devistating in it's intimacy.  Anyone else
heard "Door", any thoughts?


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