[Jandek]the foto in Uncut

Jungle jungleklan at pandora.be
Wed Feb 2 03:52:40 PST 2005

if you look at the foto from the jandek show in scotland
you will notice that the drummers also looks like the guy on the covers.
he looks even more than jandek than the person playing the guitar.
the gear they use is not that from an amateur band. a paul mc cartney bass
ampeg and fender amps (the guitar player uses two-amps wich is very
soffisticated if you want my opinion)
it looks like they had a certain dress code for the show.the hat the black
so jandek gets really pro ...

I wrote an article (a whole page) about our man in Belgian magazine STAGE
available in belgium and The netherlands

Kloot per W

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