[Jandek] mp3s of Jandek at Instal05 - online

Dlugosz, John J John.Dlugosz at trincoll.edu
Tue Dec 20 10:49:25 PST 2005

The first part of this performance reminds me of a track called "Just
What Do You Mean By Antichrist?" which is on the Tiny Tim "Songs of an
Impotent Troubadour" album. Nurse With Wound and Current 93 add a sound
bed to a recorded phone call in which Tim drops a monologue of his
thoughts on the Antichrist (including, of course, references to space
aliens and such).  Same kind of disorienting feel--as if only a
therapist should be listening. 

And...ever since that photo at Other Music I've been wondering what
might be playing in the Coorwood offices while orders are filled. 

Thanks for the file!

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> Hello all,
> In the spirit of sharing this holiday season, I've
> posted Jandek's Sunday night performance from Instal05
> (Oct 16/05) at my blog:
> http://fudgeland.blogspot.com/
> I've also got my top picks of 2005 up there, in case
> anyone cares to check 'em out.
> Thanks and happy holidays,
> ~LR
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