[Jandek] London Saint Giles-in-the-Fields recordings

Gavin rangoon at ntlworld.com
Sun Dec 18 16:13:06 PST 2005

Looking at the updated Concerts page on the tisue.net site there are
notes about available recordings, and the fact that for London

> No recordings of this show have surfaced.

However I've downloaded a great recording, and this has been in
circulation for a while; there are also better recordings of both
Instal 05 performances than the

> audience recording of both shows, not of great quality

that initially turned up - I'm assuming the recordings from Sunday
linked to from http://fudgeland.blogspot.com/
are the same ones available, and these are vastly superior to the
low quality ones; I've made the London recording I found available
via a yousendit link, at
but this will expire after 25 or so downloads, so anybody who gets it
and wants to share should either do likewise with yousendit, or share
it on their filesharing network of choice. I hope that this isn't
inappropriate making this available in this way - I was just
surprised that more people weren't aware that these recordings were

There are also a few photos from London on the French Jandek board
(2 performance, one of the setup prior to the performance, and a few of
the venue itself) I've not seen anywhere else, at
as well as an account of the performance (obviously in French) by
poster 'phasme' - you'll have to scroll past a few of the idiotic
'butts for Jandek' pics to get to the posting however...


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