[Jandek] Jandek: Tom Petty fan

Jason Henn hennja at earlham.edu
Sun Dec 18 13:22:15 PST 2005

 So, last night I finally listened to the entire unedited John Trubee
interview in the bonus section of the commercial release of Jandek on
Corwood. I hosted a screening in 2003 and still have the DVD-R copy, so I
put off getting the O.G. until just last week.

 Anyway, I haven't been a member of the list very long, so please forgive
me if this has already been well covered, but hearing the words "Tom
Petty" come out of Sterling Smith's mouth absolutely flipped me the hell
out. Those are two musical universes that I NEVER anticipated colliding
ON ANY LEVEL. Anybody else with me? I mean, I was really left with the
impression that the guy is absolutely normal. Listens to stuff on the car
radio, inspired to write poetry by a high school English teacher, a
machinist (until recently, it seems). Normal dude. And, of course, a few
times a year he releases a record album of crippling death blues, but the
rest of the time it's Tom Petty and country & western and trying to
bleach the oil out of his shirt.

 Oh, and is he talking about Haydn when he mentions "Hey-den"?  I assume
he's talking about the hunting horns in Symphony No. 48.

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