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Martin, HitQuarters martin at hitquarters.com
Tue Dec 13 09:44:53 PST 2005

Jandek at The Gone Wait, Berlin

I have been there today and it was quite interesting. In one room there were
22 Jandek Vinyl-LP covers on the wall. On the windowsill a CD player with
headphones was installed, "Raining Down Diamonds" was playing. Fittet great
with the conception of the exhibition. For me, Jandek's art always had three
dimensions. First, of course, the music, then the artwork and last not least
the album and song titels, so here it came all together nicely.

I also liked Johnny Depp's and Gibson Haynes' "visual journey through the
wrecked home/studio of John Frusciante". It was a tape playing on a TV set
in a special room that was seperated from the rest of the gallery by
"Hippie-style" fabrics. The camera took long, moving shots of Frusciante's
appartment, almost like a helicopter flight. The place was a total mess and
looked like an installation itself. You could hear Frusciante's music to
this through headphones; souded like an experimental soundtrack.

This was also great:
"Josef Strauís photo series of housing projects that were built during and
after the Second World War are reworked with a variety of unconventional
materials, such as white correction fluid. He then re-photographs them,
making them appear more and more alien and shadowy, until only the outlines
remain visible. The series represents an experiment in dissolving and
exorcizing subjective experiences."

They reminded me of some Jandek covers, but they were much more eerie.

I also asked the person from the gallery if he had made contact with Jandek,
but he said that all the covers were from Mr. Tisue's collection. They left
Jandek a message on the answering machine, but never heard back and so they
hoped he at least doesn't have anything against it.

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