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Claus Moser claus at ifrance.com
Sat Dec 10 13:53:31 PST 2005

>Aside from Johnny Depp, Gibby, Frusciante, & The Man From
>C.O.R.W.O.O.D., can anyone readily place the other names?

Well, if by ³place² you mean ³having seen their name being bandied about in
art magazines or even seen a picture or two², I can place some of them. So
in case youıre wondering whether Jandek is just being lumped together with a
bunch of no-names, thatıs definitely not the case.

Rainald Goetz e.g. is one of the most prolific writers of modern German
literature ­ Iıd even suggest that for most German visitors of the
exhibition, his name will be the second most famous on the list. He wouldnıt
be the first writer Iıd think of as a reference to Jandek though, but there
is some intrigue in the connection. However, his visual work (I only know
some illustrations and collages he did for his books) seems to be miles
apart from Jandekıs covers.

As I said, the other names get checked here and there in magazines. I have
seen some photos by Jacob Holdt, a Danish photographer who travelled the US
and took pictures of derelict places, the poor, hobos etc., and some of
these pictures do not seem to be too far away from the desolate and lonely
atmosphere of some of Jandekıs pictures. If you do some googling around,
youıll find out about most names on the list.

What ties all these artists together, I canıt tell, but Iıd like to know.
>From the outside, it could be anything from a hopscotch jumble of unrelated
stuff to the art show equivalent of an inspired mix-tape. But I finde the
particular focus on Jandekıs work especially fascinating, on the interplay
of presence and absence, of staging and improvising, and the connection of
the aural and visual aspects of his art. Is this the first time that his
work is considered in such a circumstance? Or have there been other art
events that referenced Jandek in one way or another?


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