[Jandek] Photo delay

Simon Greenwood simon.greenwood at mac.com
Sun Dec 4 17:05:05 PST 2005

Thanks to Seth for resurrecting my first post. I was completely wrong  
about the Guildhall - it is Mansion House, although bizarrely,  
Mansion House tube station is a good five minute walk from Mansion  
House itself. The station entrance in front of Mappin and Webb is  
definitely for Bank.

But I digress... has anything ever been mentioned about the fact that  
the covers of the CDs are practically all about twenty years old in  
relation to the release of the CD? The exceptions are the early  
releases, but only because a ten year old Jandek wouldn't have looked  
right if we assume that he was about thirty when he started making  
records. Since then he has been laying a breadcrumb trail, but it  
takes you to places where he was, while the music is (now at least)  
where he is.

Never mind making a Google map for the gigs, try it with the covers :)


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