[Jandek] info about the J-man's day Job?

Frank Hardy soccerdude219 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 4 10:42:41 PST 2005

I don't support the whole "let's hunt down Jandek" thing either, but I think it's a little fascist to ban those posts from the list. I point to the oldest argument against censorship- If you don't want to read it, don't. I always thought the moderator was supposed to scan for irrelevant, obscene, or spam posts, not choose what he thinks we should discuss and ban the rest. But Seth owns the list and had the right to do what he pleases, so all you gumshoes'll have to find another site.

"Danen D. Jobe" <djobe at uark.edu> wrote:  This isn't the same guy. Also, there is yet ANOTHER unrelated Sterling Smith who writes about agriculture and is in some sort of financial position or another in Houston as well. Also not him.

Ultimately, it's irrelevant. I believe him when he says that "Sterling Smith is not Jandek." That's why (this post excepted, since it is a response) I don't reference Smith. Reference Corwood or Jandek. 

   Get a load of this:


Matt Gordon
Columbus, IN

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