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>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Greenwood <simon.greenwood at mac.com> writes:

 Simon> The cover photo of 'When I Took That Train' was taken in
 Simon> London. The building to the left is the Mansion House and the
 Simon> railings in front are an entrance to Bank tube station. The
 Simon> building behind and to the right does indeed feature another
 Simon> tube station entrance, but the building itself is no longer
 Simon> there. The Mappin and Webb building was a City landmark dating
 Simon> back to the 1870s but was demolished in 1994.  So this picture
 Simon> was taken at least in the early 90s. There would appear to be
 Simon> Christmas trees on the Mappin and Webb building, so I'm guessing
 Simon> December time. I can't quite make out the registration on the
 Simon> car to the right but the first letter which denotes the year of
 Simon> registration looks like a C, which was after August 1985. The
 Simon> van in front is newer than that as that sort of model wasn't
 Simon> around until the late 80s/early 90s. There's not much else to go
 Simon> on although I think the grey building at the extreme right was
 Simon> new in the late 80s.

According to Kieron Tyler, Mappin and Webb closed around 1986 and the
building stood empty between then and the 1994 demolition.  So that
conclusively places the photo in the mid 1980's at the latest.  I don't
think the car registration thing is usable, but the cars look like
1980's models to me for sure.

Anyone know for sure when the gray building was built?

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