[Jandek] When the frenetic turmoil subsides

Seth Tisue seth at tisue.net
Wed Aug 31 22:01:23 PDT 2005

Here's the fragments of lyrics I jotted down in Austin; I got at least a
bit of every song:


I don't care about the girls
I don't care about the boys

I'm six feet under

I don't care about girls
I don't care about boys
I don't care about happiness


I'm an ugly man
Not beautiful like you
I'm the sorriest human being
To ever walk the land

Forgive my decrepit body
My anguished soul


The indelible marks that you left
The idea that surpasses time

The lexicon of lineage
The idiom unfathomable

The crank of gears in motion


You do a bad thing
They're gonna get you
Put you away
Where you can't get out


What I like about you:
You don't like me

It gives me pleasure to be in pain
I like it
I like it

It keeps me happy:
The satisfaction you don't give

I kill everybody who likes to be with me


You're going someplace I don't want to go
It's not my story it's yours

I'm forever forgetting
Don't bring back my memory


You devil
You made me love you again

I'm crying on your pillow


I'm nothing without you
You hold me up when I want to fall
I don't have hope outside of you
I'm on my knees begging to you
Love me, love me, love me


You just about killed me

Stricken, forsaken
Walking, talking, sleeping abandoned
I'm just about done
The chairs are all empty


Are they ready yet
He said they would be
All right then
I guess I'll see you in a little while


I'm in a corner crying
Like a lonely dog
I tried and I tried
I just can't stay up

Just go out and be somebody
I'll just make you sad

I don't care about philosophy
Even if it's right

You should get away from me
I'll just bring you down

I'm in a corner crying
Like a lonely dog


I know I've been a failure to you
Please, please, please
Let me try again

I'm not asking for anything
How could you give me more

When the frenetic turmoil subsides
And I stop and I see you in all the glory you are

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